Monday, May 18, 2009

Tay's Last Day at the Hospital

Technically this was not her "last" day at the hospital cause she still had her surgery coming, but as for routine visits we have been doing for the past 5 1/2 months, this was the last one. Tay, this is for you to see all the things you had to do and to see how brave and strong you were. We got to spend lots of time together and I know you and I will have a special bond because of this. I am so proud of you and so happy to be all done!

Taylee's "tummy tickle" or as big people call it, her ultrasound. You didn't mind this part too much cause you got to lay on your back for most of it and watch a show. It didn't hurt at all, but was gooey and tickly so you were so good to hold real still and let them get a good look inside your belly.

Getting your "tubee". As you can see by your face, this wasn't your favorite part. The nurses were so quick and tried so hard to distract you with shows and bubbles and toys, but you knew that tubee was coming. We put "lotion" or numbing cream on before we got to the hospital, but they said you could still feel the pressure of the poke, but I think maybe it still hurt a little when they stuck it in. Once it was in, you did much better. You even helped the nurse push in the different things to flush your tubee and keep your blood flowing. Once again, you were very brave!

Tay's little face is so pathetic don't you think? What little girl should have to do something that makes her face look like that?

Waiting to talk to the doctor. This was the "balls". One of you favorite things to play with while we waited.

Still waiting.....

Getting checked out by the doctor. This was Dr. Ehling. She was a great doctor. She waited and waited to get a smile out of Tay, and by the end of the visit, she got one!

This is Deb our schedualist. Mom talked with her lots on the phone setting up all your appointments and we would stop by and see her after every visit. Deb always had a new toy or candy to give you and loved when we would stop by.

This is the pig bench outside of "Whale 6" where we parked and went in every time we came to the hospital.

So happy to have that day behind us!

Trip to Vancouver, WA

Aaron's brother Micah and his wife Nancy live over in Vancouver so Aaron, Tay and I and Danny and Makay and Addi and Isaac and Nathan all went to visit a couple week-ends ago. We had such a great time! Nancy fed us well and the entire week-end was packed with stuff to do. It was really nice to actually feel like we got away. Thanks for having us you guys, we had a blast.
We got there late Fri night and sat up and talked. We also checked out their house that they recently bought.
Sat. morning we got up and went to what we were told was a "walk" but ended up being a hike. It wasn't bad at all and the sights were beautiful. Good thing Aaron and Danny have strong shoulders to carry two little two-year-olds the entire way.

Hikin' it

This is the water going "super fast".

Aaron and Tay outside the cave.

Three boys bums... going in the cave. Tay and Addi were brave and went with their dads, while Nancy, Makay and I (and Isaac) decided to do with out the spiders.

Finishing the hike.

After the hike we went to a fish hatchery and found a picnic table to eat lunch. We walked around the "fish zoo" as Taylee called it until we heard the thunder and decided to walk back to the car. We definatly did not walk fast enough because we got caught in the worst down pour I have ever been in and were totally drenched when we reached the car 20 secs. later. We dried off on our way to the outlet malls and did some shopping. That's where Tay and Addi found the boat. Then that night we ate gourmet pizza and played games. Thanks for a great week-end!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Too Much TV!

Jenni caught this picture of Jacey, Broden and Taylee snuggeling. As cute as it is, it is just a sad reminder of how much tv Taylee has watched since we have lived at Grandma's. Maybe that is what is inspiring her crazy imagination (see below). I feel like such a bad mom cause I know she shouldn't be sitting in front of the tv so much, it is just hard finding enough to do to keep the day full when you aren't at your own house with any of your own things. Fortunatly for Taylee's brain, and my conscience, we are going home soon. We are grateful for good company though!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Super Fast Runner Girl

Introducing...... Super Fast Runner Girl!
"I'm gonna win da race."

My daughter has quite the personality as you can see! I was making dinner and up Taylee came with this get-up on and was striking poses like this over and over. We all got a good laugh! Anyways, who wouldn't be able to run super fast with shoes that are too big, a backwards headband and a polka dot belt?! You're the best Taylee!