Monday, August 31, 2009

"I'm Three-Years-Old!"

This girl has been waiting and waiting to finally be three! The day came last Thurs. and I think we had a pretty good time celebrating. We waited for the big kids to get home from school and then we headed to the Riot Zone to bounce around....
Me and Tay

She wouldn't knowingly let me get a picture of her, so I had to get sneaky... I was waiting at the end of this tunnel and finally got one of her!

Luckily we found some shade cause it was like over 90 degrees, so happy to have my sisters to help me celebrate. It wouldn't be a party with out all her cousins!

The whole gang

The one mishap of the day... see Ellie falling onto Ryker's head... ouch!

We had to take a break for some chocolate milk and donuts!!

Back for more playing....

Then we ran through the drive-thru and came back to eat some "Old-McDonalds"


Polly Pocket

Now she is all smiles...

Sorry, this picture kept turning and I don't know why, but here is my first attempt at a theme cake... at least you can tell who it is right?! I was reading online how-to's and all the comments said, "I made this for my SONS birthday"... I tried and tried for princess, tinkerbell, anything girly even minnie mouse, but no, it had to be Mickey! Oh well, she loved it!

Blowing out the candles...

Eating ice cream and cake!
We feel so lucky to be celebrating birthday number three. Year two was a little rocky for a while, but we made it and are so happy to have such a happy HEALTHY three year old girl!
Thanks to Lacey for letting me borrow your camera!

The Post That Should Be Here...

We went to Washington for about 10 days a couple weeks ago and went to Eastern Washington, Pateros actually, and went camping with Aaron's family. I took my camera and got lots of pictures, but when I got home my camera was no where to be found so I have no pictures to show for all the fun we had. We got to Maple Valley a few days early and got to stay at Danny and Makay's and we loved being able to hang out with them! It was fun to watch Tay and Addi play and Isaac is such a handsome little guy who is moving like crazy and will probably be walking so soon. Anyway, we got ready to go camping and headed to Pateros! With the help of Brent and Ang we got a HUGE group campsite reserved right by Alta lake (so pretty) and we set up camp. We ate good, played a lot, got rained on a little (of course), witnessed Sam's mission call (to the Dominican Republic!!!!) and rode sea doos too! It was a lot of fun and so good to spend time with everyone! We went back and stayed two more nights in Maple Valley so Tay could go in for her check up and everything came back looking great! Hopefully my camera will turn up so I can add pictures to this post, but it was a fun vacation!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sillito Family Vacation

So I will start this loooong string of posts with a warning that my family came to visit for like a week and a half and we did lots of fun stuff and I wanted to document and share it. My parents got into town on Thurs. and we had a fun week-end with them and then the real festivities started on Mon. when Brent and Ang got into town and ended the following Tues. when Dan and Jenni headed for home. We had so much fun with everyone and I loved Taylee being able to be with ALL of her cousins and I hope everyone had as much as we did and hope you will come back whenever you can.

Love Courtney


Egin Lake:

Tiff found this really awesome lake out by the sand dunes. Of course the sand was perfectly soft and the water was totally shallow and warm so the kids could just play and we didn't have to worry.

Lacey and Brynlee

Brent and Ang and their girls got in really early this morning and we loved having them here!! Ang got to stay a little longer then Brent, but we had fun hanging out with all of them.

Going for a boat ride...

Introducing Beach Babe #1...


and #3!

Making mud pies...

Check out those thighs!!!

Nothin's better then a day at the lake!!


Bear World:

We had some newbies to Idaho this summer so we had to take them to bear world! Tiff got all the pictures of the animals... still so cool and apart from the sleeping wolves, the animals were pretty active.

Only missing Broden...

Then we did the petting zoo, my favortie part...

Cutie Abby enjoying the ride...

One of the few animals that didn't run away when they tried to pet it...

Goats really do eat anything... poor Lily.

Grandma and Jacey and uh, Taylee being eaten by a bear!!

The kids all squeezed onto one of those spinning bears...

I was squeezed in there too so I was too close to get them all in one picture...

Abby and Brynlee -only one day apart!

Tay tried out all the rides once, but is getting a little nervous of them this year. The train was the one safe one. Uncle Brent got to come too!

That night we went to both Ryker and Quinton's soccer games, then had movie night.


We spent the day at Porter Park. The kids tried to play in the freezing cold splash park, but had more fun riding the carousel.

Whoaaaaa Ellie!!

Later we went and had snow cones and played at Smith Park too.

Thursday #2

We were waiting for Dan, Jenni and Broden to get into town so most of this day consisted of shopping, finishing tutu's and bows and just hanging out. That night we went out to Brad's farm for a bon fire.

We had some intense games of badmitten!!!

Brad got lots of little helpers building the fire.

All the big kids... Ballarina Lily in back, Broden, Taylee, Quinton, Jacey, Ryker, Ellie, Conner and Weiland in front.
Brad worked really hard getting this area cleaned up. It is so secluded and pretty. He built this bridge out of a cell phone tower ... pretty nice huh?

Taylee and Broden playing crocodile

We roasted stale marshmallows!!!! and cooked biscuits on a stick.

Lacey and Brad

Todd and Tiff

Dad and Mom

Dan and Jenni

Lily and Ang -Brent was here earlier, but he had to get back to work :(

me and Aaron