Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

Halloween this year was jam-packed, but still so fun. I started the day going to a baptism for a little girl in our ward, well it was our Primary's turn to be in charge, but I was so glad I got to go and remember how special and sacred baptism is and it was a really good thing for me. Anyway, not much later we had to head to the church to set up for the ward Halloween Party. Aaron and the Teacher's quorum were in charge of a game and I was supposed to help with food and whatever else needed help. We were there till about 4 and then came home to get ready.

My cute ladybug again... I added a few bows to the headband and some black on her eyes and she looked oh so adorable, at least to me!!

Nate, Chelsea and Broden came to party with us... pretty cool pirates huh? and the cutest little monkey too!

Doing a little pumpkin bowling... its pretty easy when you walk right up and then throw the pumpkin...

Doing daddy's bean bag toss... you can't tell in the picture but the room was totally decked out. Aaron had the lights dimmed, creepy skeleton guys hanging from the ceiling, spooky music, cobwebs all over and the boys favorite part.... the candy box with a real hand in the bottom to freak everyone out who reached in to get candy. Another boy was hiding behind a curtain to try and scare kids while they were throwing their bean bags and then at the end they got to spin Aaron's famous spin-wheel back from his DISH selling fair days. He even gave out prizes. It was cool to see him have fun with that!

Aaron and Nate manning the trunk-or-treat while Chelsea and I took the kids around. Aaron says he and Nate would make kids say trick-or-treat and if they did it really loud they got two pieces of candy.... they also tried to get kids to do something relating to their costume. They tried to get Michael Jackson to bust a move, but he wouldn't do it, but they did get Mario to sing and dance to his theme song and a crazy witch to cast a spell... they had a good time :)

Checking out all the candy... some of our neighbor boys came over later cause their mom said they had too much candy and had to give it away so Aaron decided to trade our nasty stuff for good chocolate candy instead. We gaave them way more then we took so they thought it was a pretty good trade... and so did we!

Taylee on her sugar high... Happy Halloween everyone!