Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two quick trips

A few week-ends ago we headed to Wa cause it was check-up time for Tay. We only got to spend one short day at my parents and then half the next day at the hospital and then the last day at Aaron's parents. It was a short trip, but a good one. Everything checked out fine like usual with Taylee and then she got to spend the rest of her week-end playing at Grams.

I'd been hearing the weather hadn't been too good in Washington this summer, but this Saturday was gorgeous. Everyone spent time in the lake and it was nice to just sit outside. This was Emberley and I hanging out watching everyone swim.

Patsy made us a yummy lunch and almost all of Aaron's siblings were there. Only missing two brothers.

Aunt Nancy getting ready for her second little guy to come. She was great, she held Emberley a ton for me!!

Taylee loved swimming in the lake, she even jumped off the dock, but the best part was once she got too cold she could warm up in Papa's hot tub! She got to play with Ammon, Noah and Joel. We sure missed Addi and Isaac and little Will...

Papa going for a boat ride...

Spending some quality time with Gram...

Sorry about the shadows... Emberley with her Gram and Papa.

Poor Molly can hardly get a second to herself when Taylee is around. Geese Molly, why do you have to be so cool!!!

A couple week-ends later I got an itch to get out of the house and go somewhere we haven't been before so we packed some food and the car and went on a day trip to Henry's lake. Little did we know that if you don't have property on Henry's lake or a boat, there isn't really much to do. So we drove around the lake and hit up some other familiar stops like Big Springs and Mesa Falls.

Little miss here did so good being in the car all day!!

Big Springs = Big mosquitoes

And one more pic of Emby (that's what her dad calls her)