Saturday, October 1, 2011

All About Emberley

Man this girl is growing up way too fast. I can't believe she is almost 4 months. Of course life right now does feel like it is all about Emberley. When will she need to eat, nap, change diapers and a whole-lot of holding. Such is life with a little baby. We love love love her and I can't help snapping pictures of this little chunky monkey!!

If you don't have a bumbo you need one. She has been able to sit in this thing since she was only 2 months old. She likes to be up looking around and this seat allows her to do just that. Thanks to my V.T. for letting us use it, I will definately be purchasing my own.

We were trying to get a shot of the thighs on this girl, but this pic just doesn't quite do them justice!! You just wanna squeeze them!
So so tired...

We were watching conference today and Emberley was perfectly happy in her jumper chair, in fact she was staring at the TV for a long time. Then I looked over and she had fallen asleep standing up. Poor little thing, I took a pic and then moved her somewhere more comfortable.
We really are enjoying her so much. Love you Emberley!

Straw Maze

Last week-end Andy and Molly came to visit. On Saturday we went out to a straw maze near by and as you can see, Taylee had a good time playing in the straw. Apparently Andy tried having fun too, but after falling straight on his back (thinking it would be soft enough) got the wind knocked out of him, so we left the jumping up to Taylee.
Andy, Aaron and Tay, Molly

Someone was all smiles!

Molly is like the coolest aunt. She spends so much of her time playing with Taylee that I have to remind Taylee that Molly is my friend too and needs to be able to play with me and daddy some of the time....
This is a pretty big maze and is done well. It had cool tunnels and long dead-ends. We had a good time.