Friday, January 8, 2010


We had such a great Christmas this year. We stayed in Rexburg which was a big change for me in lots of ways. I really did miss my brother's and their families... I don't think I have spent a Christmas without Dan since he was on a mission so it didn't feel exactly right, but I did get to be with both my sisters and my parents. We were sad to not spend any time with the Alldredge's this year, but hope that will make them miss us and want to come visit here!!

Christmas Eve my parent's arrived and that afternoon we went caroling at an assisted living center. If you know the Sillito's, you know our singing ability is limited, but I think they enjoyed us anyway. It was nice to bring some happiness and Christmas spirit to others and it really helped me get into it too.

Later that evening we went to the Nielson's for lots of good food, singing and of course a reinactment of the Nativity...

All of the girls in their matching clothes... aren't they so cute!And the boys... aren't they so cheesy!?!!!

Grandpa is getting pretty good on that guitar... the kids can shout out a song and grandpa plays it for them. They had fun being silly and dancing... you should have seen Taylee shake her booty!

Tiff, Todd and Holland

Grandpa playing Christmas songs...

Tay and Ellie dancing... have you noticed the PONYTAIL?! I'm so excited about that!

After the dancing it was time for the Nativity...
We had Quinton -angel, Weiland -Joseph, Taylee -cow, Conner-shepard, Ellie -Mary, and Ryker-baby Jesus

We called Conner the ninja shepard

I asked Taylee if she wanted to be Mary or the angel and she said no, she wanted to be a cow. She did some great "lowing" and admiring of baby Jesus!!

After some convincing we had Ellie be Mary...

Don't they look so humble and sweet looking at Ryker (baby Jesus)?
Ryker just insisted he be baby Jesus- it is hard not to laugh when all the kids look so cool!

And this is after Santa showed up Christmas Eve... and too bad this was the last picture that was taken.
We had a great Christmas morning. Taylee slept in till like 9 which is nuts for her, but Aaron and I were fine with it! We took our time opening presents and Taylee was thrilled with everything. What she really wanted this year was "Baby Alive" so every time we would hand her a present she would ask, "Is this my Baby Alive?" She got so much fun stuff her gramas both spoiled her rotten and it is hard with one kid to not do a little spoiling too.

Aaron also got pretty spoiled this year too with a new shot gun and all the accesories... it is so fun to have a good surprise under the tree. It would have been even better if he hadn't figured it out!!

I told my mom I never realized how much work doing Christmas is. I usually show up at her house and enjoy all her hard work, but this year I learned how exhausting it all is, but still so worth it. (That is probably why I didn't take anymore pictures) We had a yummy Christmas dinner and played and ate all evening. We hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as we did!