Monday, November 10, 2008

Cute and Crazy

"Taylee, look at the camera"

"Please, put that down and look at mommy!"

"That's better"

"Now smile big!"

"Lookin' Good!"
I know I have been a little blog crazy lately, but I have found myself with a little more free time on my hands and when you have good pictures you have to share them so here is Tay lookin' cute after church and crazy after she woke up from her nap. The best part is when she lifts up her goggles, gets right in my face and says "here I am mom" (like I couldn't see her or didn't recognize her with the goggles on!) She can sure make me laugh.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Accessories Are All I Need!

"Grandma, how do you like my outfit?"
Tay did this all by herself. Grandma bought her these sparkly shoes and Tay just can't live without them now. She sneaks out of her bed at naptime to put them on and wears them all day long. As you can see they are all she needs (besides a purse to cover her bum)!

Tay and Her Babies

This is another sweet reason to love having a girl. She loves loves loves her babies and it is so telling to watch her play with them because she acts out things I do and say to her with her babies and it is fun to watch and see what she has picked up on. I have been asking her lately what her babies name is and she usually just says "baby" but today she named one of her babies "Baby Holland" (after her neice). I thought that was pretty sweet!
Taylee and grandma had wrapped up all her babies and a bear and Tay was rocking them in the chair. She talks to them and sings to them, it is so cute. I have noticed one thing though, almost every picture I post Taylee has some crazy hair-do. Her hair is so thin and fine that it falls out of her pig tails or whatever hair-do I choose and just lays flat and stringy in her face most of the time. I swear I try to make it cute and pretty and out of her eyes, but it is just no use. She just ends up looking like a ragamuffin no matter what I do!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another New Baby!

This is our newest little nephew Isaac Daniel Alldredge! He was born on Halloween and I hear he is doing great! Sorry Makay, I stole this pic from your blog because we aren't there to get our own pics, but I thought everyone should see what a handsome new nephew we have! Congrats Danny and Makay! We can't wait to meet him!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not so Terrible Two's!

Two is such a fun age! Taylee says and does some of the funniest things and I just love it! Some of the new things she says are "Let's get out of here" and "I can't believe it"
We are getting ready to start potty training so we went and got a princess potty chair and Strawberry Shortcake undies. The other day I was kind of just letting her get used to her potty so she was walking around with no bottoms on and was trying really hard to go pee-pee in the potty. She finally did and I told her everytime she peed in the potty she could have a marshmellow (her fav) so after that she would pee just a tiny little bit, go dump it in the toilet and come out and ask for a marshmellow. She would eat it then sit right back down, pee a tiny bit more, dump it out and ask for another marshmellow. She did this five times in a row. Tay cannot only control her bladder, she can outsmart her mommy to get as many marshmellows as possible! She's my little smartie pants!

Baby Holland is Here!

My oldest sister Tiffany had her baby girl, Holland Sara Crabtree, on Oct. 28th and she is home now and doing well. She seems to be a mellow baby which is so nice when she has 3 older siblings to keep her mommy busy. She is such a pretty baby and I just can't get enough of her!

Taylee likes to hold her too and is really gentle and soft with her which gives me hope for our future babies even though she gets a little territorial when it is my turn to hold the baby.

Holland's feet were turned in a little too much when she was born so she has to have casts on her feet for two weeks to help straighten them out. They go all the way up past her knees, poor little girl, but she doesn't seem to mind.


Happy Halloween!

This year Taylee was a fairy for Halloween with the complete get-up. She had the wings, the fairy skirt, the sparkly shoes, the bracelet, the necklace and the wand all thanks to grandma! It was really fun having her actually be able to understand what was going on and to have such a cute costume for her to dress up in!

Just a quick melt down before going out the door.
(Her wing strap was falling down)

No worries, we're happy again and ready to go!
This Halloween was really fun for Taylee because we did all the traditional things; carving pumpkins, decorating the house, dressing up, eating candy and all the rest, but I must say for me it was a little disapointing. All the pre- Halloween stuff was good, but on Halloween night we got Tay all dressed up and kept watching out the window for our neighbors to start trick-or-treating. This being our first time in a house on Halloween, I was so excited to actually get trick-or-treaters and I bought a ton of candy to hand out and everything. So we waited and waited, but no one came so we decided to take Tay out quick. We got to our first neighbors house and quickly found out that the whole neighborhood does a trunk or treat earlier in the night and all the parents just call that good for trick-or-treating. We felt a little dumb, but went to a few more houses anyway to let Tay have the full experience, but I was pretty disapointed that I didn't get one single trick-or-treater at my house on Halloween.

Halloween Fun!

Since we carved pumpkins way back at the beginning of October, our pumpkin didn't quite make it to Halloween so, with the help of grandma's fun face parts we were able to put together another fun pumpkin for Halloween. Taylee picked out which eyes, ears, and mouth to put on each side of the pumpkin and it really turned out pretty cute and it was way faster and a lot less messy!

Even before this night Taylee has been really into making her "funny face" : ) She even tries to do it to me when I am rocking her at night. I don't know where she got this from but she thinks its really funny. She always says, "Watch me!" and then makes this same face every time. I guess this was a good opportunity for her to really show off that funny face!

This was our attempt at a Haunted Ginger Bread House, but it was kind of a joke cause the walls just kept collapsing! Taylee couldn't have been happier though with bowls of candy and frosting sitting right in front of her.

Show me those candy filled teeth!

Lacey's Baby Shower

My sister (Tiff), Lacey's sister-in-law (Alea) and I were able to throw Lacey a baby shower for her little baby girl the week-end before Halloween. The whole thing was hot pink, black and light pink ( sort of a bling-bling theme) and we had a good time making invitations, decorations and yummy food!
I am so excited for Lacey to be having a little girl after two boys, but she has spent enough time with Taylee to know that with a girl comes some serious attitude, but luckily Lacey loves Tay anyways! It was so fun to spoil Lacey and help get her ready for little baby Brynley (at least clothes wise!)

Sometimes Tay and Conner have a hard time getting along (its hard playing with a two year old girl!), but after Lacey's shower they were pretty much inseperable (mostly because Taylee kept following Conner around) but he let her, they were so cute!