Monday, February 23, 2009

Aaron's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Aaron! First of all I have to say how much I love Aaron. He has been working so hard since we have been here and as much as I mope about not being home, it has been so good for his new computer business for him to be here and get things going. Because of that, we don't see him as much as we did at home so for his birthday he wanted to spend the day with Tay. We decided to take her to the zoo and we all had a really good day!

Tay with her Daddy

Inside the aquarium part of the zoo they had a room with sea creatures you could touch. I totally don't remember this, but after Tay warmed up she did actually end up touching a star fish. Pretty cool stuff!

If you have been to Point Defiance Zoo, you know the aquarium is awesome, but the shark tank is by far the best. Maybe these sharks were sleeping, but I told Aaron they must be pregnant.

The zoo even had a new play area and Tay loved that too!

And of course the nasty petting zoo. (Never been a fan)

This really was a fun day. Later we put Tay to bed and I took Aaron out to a really nice seafood dinner (his fav). Happy Birthday Babe!

Trip to Rexburg

First of all, it feels a little crazy to be writing about a TRIP to Rexburg when that is my home, but unfortunatly that is what it was. Even though we weren't there to stay, we still had a great time with family and were so happy to see our little Brynlee be blessed.

Jacey and Broden were able to come (they were my ride) and it was fun to have all but two of the cousins together. We have recently recruited Ang and Lily and Abbi to come this summer, then we will have all 12 Sillito grandkids together!!

I wasn't able to stay at my own house during this trip, but stayed at Tiff's instead. I am really glad I did that cause it was just more time to spend with fam instead of by myself and since Todd is out of town for a couple months Tiff and I were bed buddies. We had a good time eating snacks, playing games (Dan and Jenni stayed there too) and talking. Except for a trip to the emergency room... it was so fun! (Holland got her head bonked on the corner of the wall, but no worries, no damage!)

Brynlee's baby blessing was so beautiful. She has such a wonderful family and is going to be so happy growing up with such great parents and fun brothers that will take good care of her. I am so looking forward to seeing them all again, especially since we didn't get that much time together. She is such an adorable baby (even if people wonder is she is Mexican :)

Proud Grandma and Grandpa

Thanks Lace and Tiff for taking care of me and Tay that week-end. I miss you both so much and really appreciate all you have done for me while I have been away. Kiss your kids for Aunt Courtney. Love you!

4 Generations

My grandma Randall came to my mom's for Christmas and it had been quite a while since I had seen her. With so few opportunities to see her I am glad we got this picture with four generations of girls. Love you grandma!