Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FHE at the lake

Monday was such a hot day that at 6 when Aaron got home and it was still 90 degrees out we decided to pack up some sandwiches and head to the lake. This is the perfect lake for kids cause it doesn't get any deeper then Tay's waist so she can play and I don't have to worry.
She was one happy camper!
Emberley just slept most of the time, it was nice.

So I was helping Taylee build a sandcastle, but when we were done it apparently wasn't what she had in mind so she called in the pro to help her out.

Ok and I have promised both gramas I would post or send pictures of Emberley often, but honestly why is it when you have a new baby you can't pick just one cause they are all so stinkin cute...... to the mom anyway!!

Last time at the Dr. she was reaching 9lbs. and she is totally getting a little chub in her cheeks and thighs. So cute!

Soccer Girl

The time has finally come that Taylee gets to play soccer. She has been waiting for her chance ever since we first started watching her cousin Ryker play and this summer it came. She takes it seriously and plays hard.
Mom's fault, I don't know much about soccer, but quickly learned the shin guards go under the socks... but she looks pretty cute anyways huh?!

She is the only girl on her team and one of the smallest out there, but she runs the entire time and stays where the ball is and gets some pretty good kicks in. Most importantly, she LOVES it. She asks "how many days till soccer" and when it is a day for a game she gets her soccer clothes on that morning and can't hardly wait till after dinner when the games are.

She scored her first goal last week (which is hard to do when most games you are playing against 7 yr olds that are way bigger then you), but this game was more evenly matched and she scored. I am glad she has something that is hers to do with a new baby around.

Emberley's Blessing

In the middle of such a crazy fun week-end Aaron blessed Emberley. It was so nice to have so many uncles and a grampa here to be a part of it. It was a very special day. I am so grateful to have a husband who holds the priesthood and is able to bless our new little girl and our family. The blessing was beautiful and so was the rest of that day.
It's fun to say we are now a family of four!

Grama and Grampa

The rest of this day was filled with good food and family. We had a nice dinner and then went and had some pictures taken of all of us together. Thanks again everyone for coming.

Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July Week-end

Man, this is going to be quite the post! For 4th of July week-end every one of my siblings and their spouses and their kids were able to come to Rexburg. We haven't all been together in a very long time and it was so so cool to get to celebrate one of my favorite holidays with so much family and so many cousins around for Taylee to be with. My amazing sister Lacey housed most of the company and we were able to have a great mini family reunion.

Taylee and Quinton
By Saturday everyone had arrived. We were going to go hang out at the lake for the afternoon, but by the time lunch was over the kids were having such a good time playing and having a water fight with Uncle Aaron that we just stuck around the house. That evening we went to Lacey's for hot dogs and hamburgers and root beer floats. I don't think the kids cared where we were. As long as they had each other to play with they were perfectly happy.

Broden, Ellie, Brynlee, Holland and Jacey.
Some of these kids hadn't even met before and others it had just been way too long. It was fun to have Tiff's kids back for a week-end, kinda like old times.

Emberley and Grama
With all these visitors Emberley didn't spend much time on her own. Now that everyone is gone I am paying the price! She loves to be held...a lot.

Grampa and Uncle Brent teasing Conner...

Jacey and Ellie -two cutie patooties!

Ryker, Lily and Conner

Now I know it doesn't look like they are enjoying this, but it was super cute. Grama got them all fun tutu's from Costco and we got them all dressed up together. We unfortunately had a few sick girls that didn't feel to well, but were forced in this picture anyway!

All the girlies minus Sadie and Emberley.
Brynlee, Holland, Abby, Lily, Jacey, Taylee and Ellie

Oh now she thinks skirts are cool... Hallelujah! We must need more girl cousins around here!

Sunday we blessed Emberley. I will post that separately.

Monday was the 4th and this year we actually staked out our parade spot the night before. As we were driving home from Lacey's we noticed that some people had already put their chairs out and with a group this big we didn't want to take the chance so Aaron, my dad and Brent took our chairs and found us a primo spot.

Dan and Jenni

Holland and Brynlee waiting for the fun to start.

Tiff and Emberley

Conner, Taylee and Jacey
Bags ready for all that candy!

Quinton and Emberley

Weiland, Tay, Lily and Ellie. Still waiting...

Lots of the gang.

Jacey's turn!

Taylee wasn't quite as fast as some of the bigger kids so dad had to come help out to make sure she got some candy.

Brent, Ang and Abby. They got to stay with us and it was so nice to have them. Everyone made such an effort to come and I am so grateful to all of them for traveling so far to be together.

After the parade we went home gather ALL the stuff we needed for the rest of the day and headed out to the pond.
The big boys.

Everyone watching the kids swim.

Time for the water fight. Grama bought all her grandkids squirt guns and the had a great time squirting each other, but especially Grampa and their dads.

Going for a paddle boat ride.

We had yummy food and snacks all day and later that night we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows and watch they guys light off fireworks. I was so tired by this point that I have no nighttime pics. Once again we had another great 4th, I'd say one of our best!

To be continued...

Ok I have another few minutes to post a little more from our weeks with company and visitors. These first few pics are from the weeks Aaron's fam was still here.

I love having two girls, sisters are the best - I would know!

Brynlee had to come over and get her Emberley fix. If there is anyone out there who could rival Taylee in their love for Emberley, it's Brynlee. It makes me happy to see how much she adores her. When she gets her hands on her she doesn't want to let go, I love it!

I just have to mention how SPOILED this girl got with both her Gram and Grama here. Aaron's mom gave Taylee a present every day she was here including the super cute outfit she has on. I think it was quite a let down when everyone finally had to go.

I love this picture. Emberley hanging out with Aunt Bonnie.

Ammon, Taylee and Noah
The last of our Alldredge visitors were Aaron's brother Nathan and his two boys. They stopped by on their drive back from Arizona. They were only here about a day, but we sure loved having them and for Taylee to get to hang out with more cousins.

Father's Day rolled around and we are out enjoying Aaron's Father's Day present as a fam.

The day after Aaron's family left my mom came into town and the spoiling of both me and Taylee continued!

More sister pics...

Dressed up for our first try of church. We made it through sacrament meeting!

Remember how I mentioned spoiled.... Taylee got an early birthday present from Grama, a new bike! Now if we could just get her to not be a big chicken and ride it...

One last picture of Emberley (well last for now)!