Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a.....

So we have been waiting and waiting to find out what this little baby is inside me, I am 6 months pregnant after all and we actually went in like two weeks ago, but our modest little thing would not open its legs. We were in there for like 45min and the nurse kept going back and trying to see. She poked and jiggled my belly trying to get this little baby to move, but at first its little feet were crossed and then it had one leg on top of the other and would not cooperate. I was not giving up, I was expecting to stay there and thought there was no way I was actually not going to be able to know what we were having until finally the nurse said "so how do you feel about it being a surprise". Uh, not good was my first thought and after asking what else we could do, they were nice enough to let me come back in last week. So the big result is... ITS A GIRL!! Taylee was a little grumpy at first as she had her mind set on a brother, but after a little talking about what a great big sister she would be she is happy now, but still hopeful for a boy next time. Aaron and I are both thrilled and are so happy to be saying she instead of it!!

Valentines and a Very Happy Birthday

Preschool has been so great for Taylee this year. She is learning a lot and gets to do all sorts of fun things when holidays roll around. This year for Valentine's Day they had a fancy Tea Party and everyone had to dress up and bring Valentine's to share.

Of course Taylee's Valentines of choice were.... Toy Story. She had a great time and looked so cute!

Aaron's birthday came on a Saturday this year and I had quite the surprise for his big 3-0!! He didn't get to actually do it though till the next week-end so we went ice skating during the day. Taylee had been begging to go all winter and Aaron really wanted to take her.
It was a challenge to even get her to think she could stand up, let alone skate, although I was not used to hockey skates and had a hard time too.

Luckily she had a good Daddy that held her up the entire time. I was impressed though cause it was hard and she stayed so happy and when she fell down she got right back up and wanted to go back out on the ice.

Although a bit ridiculous to skate with a four year old, we had a great time.
Later that night we went to dinner with Brad and Lacey.

Sunday we had a yummy dinner and had the requested brownies for dessert.
(count the 30 candles... just have to rub it in a little)

They real Happy Birthday was sending Aaron on a trip with his brothers and his dad. He got to go to Leavenworth in Washington and stay in a nice place and hang out with his brothers. He had such a great time so a big thank you to all his brothers and his dad for taking time off to celebrate with Aaron! Happy Birthday babe!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quinton's Baptism

Quinton is the first of any of my neices and nephews to get baptized and I loved that we got to be there for his special day before they took off.


Not the greatest picture, but its what we could get!!

Because Tiff's house was pretty much all packed up, everyone came over here for a yummy lunch and to celebrate a little with Quinton. Isn't he so handsome!

Opening some special presents...

Eating with the cousins.

This was a bittersweet day. We were so so proud of Quinton for making such a good choice to be baptized, but so sad knowing that the next day they would be gone...

The proud parents...

Thank you Quinton for being such a good example for Taylee and for all of us!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines from Taylee

We weren't able to get Valentines in the mail this year, but decided that it wasn't too late for Taylee to tell all her cousins and grandparents who are far away how much she loves them. So the following are personalized Valentines for each of them. We love you all!


1st heart: to Holland, 2nd heart: to Weiland, 3rd heart: to Quinton, card: to Ellie

Outsides of cards- left is for Lily, right for Abby.

Insides- top for Lily, bottom for Abby

Pink for grama, blue for grampa

Top for Jacey, bottom for Broden, and Saide we love you too!

Inside of Jacey's

Left for Ammon (notice the A!), right for Noah.

Green for Papa, purple for Gram.

Left for Addi, right for Isaac
For little Joel!

Happy Valentines from Taylee!

(We love the Neilson's too, they just got their own Valentines since they live by us!!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sleepover with Ellie

We had to have Ellie over one more time for a sleepover before she moved away. She is one of Taylee's very best friends and we have loved having her here so much.

We decided to eat out at Craigos and the girls just giggled and giggled and had a great time. We miss you already Ellie girl!

Its Cruise Time!!

So I will try and keep the typing short since there are tons of pictures. We went on the Mexican Riviera cruise with my parents and all my siblings and their spouses. We had a wonderful time and a big thank you to my mom for spoiling us.

On the plane to California. We got there a day early and spent some time with Spencer and Debbie.

They were nice enough to pick us up at the airport and show us around town. First stop was a place on the side of the road called Pinks. It is famous for these humungo hot dogs and the line is all the way down the street so it must be good!!

These suckers were huge! But really good (according to Aaron) I got a hamburger...
They took us to see the stars in Hollywood along with that famouse theatre where they premiere new movies. Then we went to the observatory that looks over L.A. We had such a good time hanging out and so appreciate them shutteling us around.

Waiting to get on the boat. It took a while for everyone to get there, but a bunch of family and no kids to watch makes up for the wait.
Me, Jenni, Ang, Tiff, Lacey and Mom

We had a day at Sea and then the first stop was Cabo. Oh, the dorky boys in my family...

Definatly our favorite stop. It is the cleanest and prettiest by far. The weather was warm and the day was totally relaxing. We just shopped and sat on the beach, it was so nice.

Everyone, but Dad.

Walking the boardwalk. That is our huge ship in the background.

Aaron and Brad testing the water...

Warm enough for the guys to get in...

Next stop Mazatlan. Although not my favorite stop, it was a little better then our last visit where we got dropped off in the middle of scary town and had to walk miles to the tourist area. We knew better this time and quickly found a nice resort to spend the day at. We walked the beach and I was so tempted to parasail, but being prego I didn't think I should. Definatly next time.

Aaron and Dan taking a swim after boogie boarding for a while.

Unfortunatly the weather was cool so it was only a matter of time till we headed back to the boat.

Stop 3 was Puerta Viarta. We hadn't done any real excusions yet so everyone but Todd, Tiff and my parents signed up for one that took you snorkeling, on a hike to a waterfall with a rock slide and then to a private beach to eat. It started off being nice weather and we were excited to do something new...

Everything started out fine, everyone happy...
Then the horrible Mexican music started blarring and the nausea came on and the clouds came in and there was only one worker who spoke English and the boat moved incredibly slow and they didn't have enough snorkel gear so you had to share with no sanitation (we didn't snorkel) and no flippers, and the hike was stinky and poopy (from the horses) and the rock slide was short and dangerous for me to get to, and the boat people told us they couldn't get us back on time..... It went a little downhill, but we made some memories and laughed a lot.

On our lovely hike...

Lacey and Brad (who never want to return to Mexico again!!)...

Ang and Brent...

Doesn't the water look so pretty?

The waterfall was pretty, but no rock sliding for us...

Back on the boat for another 2 days at Sea.
Lacey and Brad all fancied up...
Tiff and Todd...

Dan and Jenni...

Ang and Brent...

Mom and Dad...

Aaron and I.

Aaron showing off one of his 9 lobster tails he ate that evening. Gotta love eating on a cruise!!

I had to add this pic of Todd. he got ahold of my camera and took all sorts of lovely pics of himself. This serves him right!

This is hard to see, but it is Aaron singing karoke. He mentioned he kinda wanted to do it for fun this time and I was proud of him cause he did it and with a huge crowd of people.

Some of the cool towel art!! Later we found out our maid thought Aaron and I were teenagers as well as Lacey and Brad and was shocked when she learned we were married with kids!

The weather was cool on the way back up to Ca. so we spent a lot of time exploring the ship. This is in the kids area arcade.

Lacey and Jenni waiting to go eat at Johnny Rockets on the boat. We were so lucky and got 75 dollars to use on the boat so one of the last days we ate here.

Playing games...

Eating at our huge table. I love that they got us all together!

All the girls...

All the guys...

Aaron partying hard...

More eating!!

Lacey doing the rock wall...

Hanging out. I must say the boat was beautiful and huge.

Courtney sculpture...

Singing waiters...

Aaron and I with Mahair, one of our waiters.
People ask what the best part was and for me it was being with Aaron for and entire week, just hanging out and realizing that we are still best friends and can have such a good time together. Being with my family was so fun and we came home thinking about when we can go again.
We all missed our kids, but we got back to find out that Tay had had a great time with out us. Playing with cousins, hanging out with Gram and Papa and Matt and getting spoiled rotten. It was nice to be home, but we sure had a wonderful time!