Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dressing up

Every Wednesday we go to this music preschool type thing which Taylee loves. When we are there you can't always tell she loves it, but at home during the week she sings all the songs and asks when it is time for her, "special Taylee day". Today they got to wear their costumes and Taylee was so pumped. Isn't she the cutest ladybug you ever saw? I think so!

She kept saying, "mom, I am happy today" and I could tell cause she actually wanted to participate in the activities and she wasn't totally attactched to my hip!

This is the puppet song they do... so fun!

Marching time... Taylee always chooses the triangle...

This is only like half the kids that usually come, I think lots of kids are sick, but it was a fun day and it was so fun to see Taylee so happy, enjoying herself, participating, and playing with other kids! I was so proud of her today!

Pumpkin Carving with the Cousins

Last Saturday my sisters and I got together, like we have the past few years, and had the kids carve their pumpkins. Here they are with their giant pumpkins waiting to get into them... (oh and Taylee is in that cheesy smile stage as you will notice...)

Our neighbors grow pretty good pumpkins so we drive over and they have a wagon full and the prices are marked on the bottom and they are a way better deal than any store around here so Taylee picked out a few. She said she needed one with a mad face and one with a happy face...

the mad face...

the happy face...

Gutting the pumpkin... no bare hands, definatly a spoon!

Tiffany has this pirate costume that one of her boys wore a few years back and almost every time we are over Tay has to put it on. If it were up to her I know she would choose the pirate over the ladybug, but while I still have some say, the ladybug wins... She is saying, "ARGHHH!"

The mad face pumpkin with ONE tooth!

The big girls eating cookies and cocoa...

The gang just keeps growing, we are going to be so sad when half of them leave us :( Thanks Tiff that was fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Kitchen Sink!

My family will all be pleased to know that we finally replaced our kitchen sink...

For the longest time the faucet on our old sink was broken. Not completely broken, we could still use it, but water poured out from the base and it took a special touch to turn it off. We are a little slow to get projects completed around here, but Monday it really broke. I went and got the stuff and Aaron, my "handy-man" got it all hooked up for me. (With only a little help from Micah).

I LOVE IT! Why the heck did we wait so long?!?!? Just thought I'd share the good news...

Whose got Halloween Spirit?!?

We are trying to get into the Halloween mood around here... I have decorated, but all of the sudden I realized Halloween was next week-end. Last year our carved pumpkins were already rotting by now and this year I haven't even bought any pumpkins yet. We are getting with it though. Two Mondays ago we started that neighborhood "Boo" thing and this last Monday we did our Haunted Halloween House and good thing we still have time for carving pumpkins. It is fun to watch Taylee get into the spirit of the holidays. She gets it now and it is so fun to share all the fun traditions my mom did with me as a little girl with her and start some new ones of our own. If I hadn't already bought her Halloween costume she would still be undecided... bee, witch, tootsie roll, spider man, cowboy, puppy... the list goes on, but I was shopping with my mom and sister and found the cutest ladybug costume! She wasn't too thrilled but I think she's coming around: )

Can hardly wait to open that candy....

Aaron puts one on.... Taylee takes 4 off!!

I told them when it is up to me or when Taylee cares, we will actully try to make it look pretty and maybe even like one on the box, but for now this is what we get!