Saturday, June 13, 2009

He got it...

I have mixed feelings about this purchase, only because I don't want to loose a husband, but he is thrilled to death and I have to say, he earned it. He went riding with Lacey's husband, Brad, last summer and has wanted one ever since. I couldn't justify it when our kitchen was half done and other big projects needed to be done. While we were away we came to an agreement that as soon as he got a list of home projects done he could get his bike. It is a 350 if that means anything to anyone and he is going to get it street legal so he can ride it to work all summer. He is happy as can be and I don't have to worry about a Father's Day present!

About to take it for a quick ride.

Getting it started. He has only been on a bike like once before this so he is still getting the hang of everything, but once he gets going things go pretty smooth. I think I will let him practice a while longer before I get on!

As Lacey says, "A boy needs his toys!"

Circus! Circus!

The circus is back in town! This is what Taylee's cousin Quinton anounced all afternoon as we got ready to go the circus. My expectations were low, this is Rexburg after all, but I was very surprised at what the show had to offer. The kids loved it and I was pretty impressed too. It had it all from elephants, tigers, lions and bears to flashy dressed men and women doing crazy flexible things hanging from hula hoops and who knows what else! Except for one of the guys falling from way up high, (he turned out to be ok) the show was great and we had fun seeing it with ALL the Rexburg cousins!

Eating lunch before the circus. Thank goodness she ate something healthy that day. We had so many snacks I am surprised no one went home sick!

The big boys excited to get inside!

The whole crew! Even Alea and Avery were able to come!

Me with my girl! (If anyone was curious, her personality hasn't changed a bit... notice the familiar glare :)

Lacey and her girl!

Tiffany and her littlest girl!

Another great face from Tay

Quniton and Ryker

Ellie (in back) and Conner

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To: Aunt Bonnie

Taylee's Aunt Bonnie came to see us for Memorial Day week-end and brought Tay this totally cute cowgirl hat and a beach chair with an umbrella. Taylee loved them both. This post is for Aunt Bonnie to check out how cute she looks in her new hat and to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Taylee lifts off her hat and says,"Howdy Partner."

These are just a few fun times we had with Bonnie while she was living with us. We miss her and all the fun we had while she was here.

4th of July Parade '08

Bear World -Bonnie's B-day '08

Bonnie doing what she does best... keeping Tay happy. I forgot to tell you Bonnie after you left last time Taylee said, "Where she going?" "She supposed to stay here forever and ever." "She needs to go up to her room and stay here." She had so much with you that week-end and was so sad to see you go... even if she wouldn't give you a hug good-bye.

We hope you have had a very Happy Birthday and hope you know you are so loved and we think you are the best!

So nice to be home!

We are finally home! It has been so nice to be living in our home again! We were a little nervous coming home because we knew some crazy things had happened while we were gone like a very powerful windstorm that blew Taylee's swing set over and broke it and blew shingles off our roof. We knew our septic system needed a new motor and we had a whole other list of home improvement items we wanted to get going on. But, our amazing neighbors decided to get together for FHE the Monday night before we got home and they did so much. We got home and our lawn was mowed, our side weed field has been plowed out, our swing set was fixed, my house was clean, my flower beds were weeded..... they did so much and it took so much stress off coming home. Then our neighbor who is a roofer offered to fix our roof up if our insurance won't cover it! We feel so lucky to have such great neighbors.

Taylee is very happy to be home too!

So with most of the vital fixes out of they way, we were able to get going on some other projects. We had our countertops replaced almost a year ago and have needed a backsplash since then and we finally had our friend Nate over to do the job and we are so pleased with the work he did. He let Aaron help cut lots of the tiles and they got it done pretty fast. Thanks again Nate you did an awesome job!

It is nothing too fancy, but just enough to make our kitchen feel more finished and dress it up a little. We order new handles for our cabinets and are getting a new sink and faucet and then our kitchen will be about done. The tile still needs to be grouted so when everything is finished I will post a final picture. Aaron has been dying to get a dirt bike since before last summer, but I just couldn't do it when we had lots of project at the house that needed to be done. I told him while we were in Wa. that if he could get the kitchen done, get Tay a bed, and do something with our weed field on the side of the house I would be fine with him getting a dirt bike. We have only been home a little over a week and he already has two of the three done! Thanks babe, you've been working so hard!

Big Girl Bed

So this is Taylee's new "big girl" bed...

I love it! I think it so girly and cute and as you can see, she won't outgrow it for a very long time!

She was promised a big girl bed as soon as we got back from Wa. and her daddy delivered! She was so excited about it and has been telling everyone. I have been searching and searching for bedding so I can do her room now, but have been having such a hard time finding something I love. If anyone has any good suggestions of websites or stores to go to I would love some help. I am even considering finding cute fabric to make a duvet or something, but any ideas would be great!