Thursday, September 18, 2008

Curly Sue

I usually put curlers in my hair on Sundays and as Tay always watches me get ready she was pretty excited to have curlers in her hair too. I don't make her sleep on them because I know they would make her miserable and uncomfortable (I don't know how you got me to keep them in mom :) I just give her a bath in the morning and then put the curlers in and let them dry until it is time for church. I did this the week before and it didn't turn out so good and I laughed every time I looked at Taylee because she looked so different and kind of weird, but I thought I would give it one more try since this is the only way I can get curls to last until we get to church since she got her Aunt Lacey's hair.

It gets so curly, but by the time we get home the curls have loosened up a lot and by the time she gets up from her nap it is like she never had any curls at all.

It is so fun being the mom of a girl and getting to play dress-up and accessorize and do fun things to her hair. I just can't wait until it gets longer!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Gorgeous!

Every day when I am getting ready Tay is right next to me waiting for me to put my lipstick on so she can have her "lips" too. This is what happens when she puts on her "lips" unsupervised. The headband is a nice touch don't you think?

So Funny!

Tiff gave Tay a Strawberry Shortcake movie for her birthday (her fav) and it came with a dance mat. One night we were watching Tiff's kids and we got the mat out and put on the movie and Quinton, Ellie and Tay were really into it. They each had to be on their own sqaure and they thought it was pretty cool. I thought it was really funny!

Even when it was time for snacks they couldn't get off the dance mat!

The movie was cool for Wei, but the mat... not so much.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To!

For Tay's 2nd Birthday we decided to have her party at the park. The wind was blowing like crazy and Taylee was not a happy camper. If I wasn't holding her she was screaming. We ate dinner and then decided to go back to our house to finish the party. Earlier in the day we went to McDonald's for lunch and to play on the toys with Daddy and if you ask Tay it was a pretty fun day once we got out of the wind.

The "After Party"

Because it was such a windy day we had to finish Taylee's birthday party back at our house and she was much happier. All the Idaho cousins were there to sing to her and help blow out the candles and try out her new toys. She has loved playing with her new kitchen and the many new accessories. I spent the day telling her that when someone asks how old are you that she can stick up two fingers (her pointer fingers on each hand cause making the normal two is a little too tricky right now) and say I'm two. Now for some reason when she gets mad she says, "I not two". We don't know why she thinks this will make us mad, but she says it all the time. She still also asks us to sing Happy Birthday to her and I found her yesterday playing with her little people singing Happy Birthday to them. I had fun spoiling her and helping her feel like it was her special day!

Grandma and Grandpa's Summer Visit

My mom and dad come visit us for at
least a week every summer and this
year was one of the funnest weeks of
the summer. We had the entire week
jam packed with fun stuff to do and
the we all had a great time. It is definatly
hard to not have stay at our house the entire time, but we have to share them with Tiff and Lacey. It did make the week more fun to have us all playing together. Grandma showed up with boxes for all the kids filled with fun summer stuff including squirt guns so the first day they were here grandma and grandpa had a water fight with all the kids. The next day we made it up to Mesa Falls for a picnic and then walked around and looked at the falls. Grandpa loves that kind of stuff, but who wouldn't it is so beautiful up there.

Later in the week we spent the day at Rigby lake. Lacey, Tiff and I would take the kids there about once a week so we had to go when grandma and grandpa were here. Everyone, but Taylee loves playing in the water, but as grandpa says -she's a beach babe!

Another night we went up to the farm where Brad works and had a bon fire. The kids ran everywhere and loved the open space. We had yummy smores and relaxed by the warm fire.

We all got babysitters one night and went out to eat and then to play mini golf. I almost forgot how much fun group dates are!

Later that week we made another trip to bear world and then had a really fun day in the water over at Lacey's house. Even grandma and grandpa got wet! We also made it to the zoo and had a picnic at the park. It was quite the week and we were sad to see it end.

Ryker's Soccer Games

Ryker started soccer this summer and Taylee and I were able to go to a couple of his games, usually at Taylee's request. She would say, "Ryker socca game" and we would go cheer him on. He was awesome especially when he scored his goals during the actual game. We would all have a good laugh when the ref blew the whistle and Ryker would take off with the ball and score a goal!

Fourth of July

We really had a fun 4th and the best part for me was watching Taylee get into the holiday for the first time. We met Tiff's family at the parade and then had a BBQ back at our house. Later that night we went to Idaho Falls. There is a Shilo Inn right on the river and they host a dinner and show and then offer front row seats for the fireworks. Surprising for Idaho Falls the fireworks were
amazing. It was actually a pretty relaxing day and we all had
a really good time.

Tricia's Wedding

My aunt Tricia got married at the end of June (congrats!!) and Tiff, Lacey and I decided to make a road trip out of it and all rode together to Cardston, Alberta for the wedding. Our awesome husbands stayed behind with the kids so we partied it up -you know not having to put kids to bed early or leave for naps or try to keep them quiet during a wedding - it was a nice break! We met my mom and dad Brent, Ang, Dan and Broden there. It was so nice to have all my brothers and sisters together cause that doesn't happen very often and we got to see Broden who is such a stud and the best little guy. We think Dan had it pretty easy! We saw lots of family and took some good pictures with grandma and all the cousins. We were missing our families when the week-end was up, but I really loved the opportunity to get away, especially with my sisters!