Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It was time to start getting caught up on immunizations today and I have been dreading it and dreading it. Hasn't my poor little girl been poked enough in her short life? But we are going to Washington this week-end for another check-up and I know her doctor there will ask if we have started her immunizations again and I do want to be honest so we went today. It was awful...

They barely even came in the room and Taylee started screaming and crying and her face was bright red and I just felt like the worst mom ever... they poked her skinny little legs six times...

I tried to make up for it by taking her to McDonalds and letting her pick out a new movie, but I feel bad that we have more doctor visits this week-end and more immunizations next month...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Most of you know that Taylee was eligible for a wish from the Make-a-Wish foundation because she had a life threatening illness. We have been in touch with them off and on for months and they finally came to meet Taylee last Thursday!
This morning I got a phone call telling us that we would be going to Disney World from May 1st to May 7th!! We are so excited to get to do this and really celebrate that Tay is done with all this cancer business! Make-a-Wish is so amazing and so generous to these kids and really do so much to make them feel so special and happy. They are providing us with airline tickets to Orlando, a rental car, a really cool hotel called "Give Kids the World" where each family gets their own apartment like place and the entire place is geared toward kids. They have train rides, carousels, 24 hr pizza and ice cream. They leave presents on Taylee's bed every night and provide all meals too. The ladies that came over said there is so much to do there you could just not leave the hotel! Then they give you tickets to Disney World for 5 days and spending money... we are still waiting to hear cause they might also provide a day at Sea World! They also give you special hats to wear so you can go to the front of every line... it is overwhelming and amazing, all the stuff they do for these kids and Aaron and I are so excited that we can be a part of it too and watch how much fun Taylee is going to have!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So Taylee started preschool in January, but was not in the mood to take pictures the first couple of times so when she finally warmed up to it we took some "first day of preschool" pictures.


She still is a little nervous at the beginning of each day... she makes me go with her to hang her coat up, put her nametag on and then walk her to the sinks to wash her hands before I can go. After that, she does just fine. She is going to the preschool at BYU-I that I went through for my degree so it is kind of fun to go and watch! She goes M W and F and is gone long enough for me to go work out and get a shower before it is time to pick her up. She is having a great time!

I just have to post it...

Ok when you get a picture as adorable as this... sorry I just had to post it!

I am so glad Taylee has such a great dad!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Posts from January

Wow, January has come and gone already.... I just have a couple random things to blog about. First, Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Andy came to visit earlier this month and we had lots of fun with them. Well, we were being lazy one morning and Tay was just playing off by herself. I got up from our couch and was walking to the kitchen and this is what I saw...
This would normally be a pretty scary sight to find in your house... a noose with a chair under it, but I called Andy and Bonnie over and we had a good laugh, took some pictures and then quickly took down the suicide scene.Taylee, inocent as can be, was just playing and has been very interested in tying things. I should have been watching better because earlier she had tried to tie herself to that rope so she could swing. Crazy girl!!A couple weeks later Tay's Gram came to visit and I am bummed I didn't get any pictures of them together. They had such a good time playing and of course her Gram spoiled her with a present every day! A couple days later Aaron's brother Nathan and his family joined us and it is always so fun to have an excuse to go play. We went shotgun shooting and sledding and out to dinner. Above is Taylee playing with her cousin Ammom.

Then this last week Taylee and Aaron and myself have all been sick with colds. The kind that make you feel just wiped out so one night Tiffany was so sweet to me and brought a totally yummy dinner- complete with things that feel good on your throat... mashed potatoes, ice cream and of course, JELLO!! Thanks again for doing that Tiff, and as you can see the Jello was thoroughly enjoyed!
Isn't this what dad's do... teach their kids all the cool tricks they know! I watched in disgust, but had to take a picture!