Friday, October 17, 2008

Carving Pumpkins with the Cousins

Last week we went over to Tiff's and had a pumpkin' carvin' party. The kids were all really excited even though Taylee didn't really know what she was getting excited about. She did, however, love going to pick out her pumpkin and she held onto the stem the enite time it was in our shopping cart.
I didn't take her long to figure out that some parts of carving pumpkins aren't that great. Yuck!

I must have been in a weird mood because the pumpkin I carved was the only one that ended up with a mean face. Oh well, Taylee liked it and Aaron was proud because Halloween stuff is supposed to be scary.
We have so much fun having so many cousins around to do fun things with. It makes holidays and special occasions that much more fun and exciting. Thanks for having us Tiff -it was a messy project!

After we cleaned up the pumpkin mess we helped the kids decorate Halloween cookies. They were so yummy and Taylee's favorite shape was the kitty cat, big surprise. My favorite was the orange icing, it was so good!

Graduation Finally!!

I finally graduated from BYU-I with an Associates Degree in Professional Preschool Education in July of 2008! It took me way longer then it should have, but with a baby and getting married, school just took longer then I had planned, but I am done and it feels so good to know I finished!

After graduation my family and I went out for ice cream. It was so nice to have my parents, my sisters, Aaron's sister, my daughter and my husband all there to support me and celebrate with me! Hurray!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Makin' Cookies

The presidential debate was on last night and for all of you that know Aaron, you know he has to watch it so Taylee and I made chocolate chip cookies for him. She really can help pour things in the mixer pretty good, but the problem is keeping her fingers out of the dough. She has to try to lick everything. She licked the measuring cup after we had scooped out the flour (gross huh?), but she didn't think it was gross, she licked the measuring spoon after we poured out the vanilla (I tried to tell her it didn't taste good, but she thought it was fine), and she just couldn't help sticking her finger in the bowl everytime I walked away to get something. I couldn't help but laugh because it was like she just couldn't resist! She must get that from her daddy because he stole as many bites of cookie dough as Taylee and by the time we got back from getting her jammies on, 3 cookies were already missing!

Of course I had to let her lick the beater!

All done!

Taylee's New Hat

I don't put Tay in hats very often becuase I didn't think she would keep one on her head. I bought this one a while ago and was waiting for Taylee's head to grow so she could wear it. She found it in her drawer and really wanted to wear it. She kept it on pretty much all day. I must say she looks pretty cute in it!

BYU-I Gardens

After conference on Sunday we went up to the BYU-I gardens to walk around. I was trying to get a bunch of pictures of Taylee so I could have a good one to make into an 8x10, but after a couple pictures my camera died so we just walked around. They have added a lot to it since the spring and it is really beautiful. Taylee's favorite part was the stray cat that followed us around. I did end up getting a few cute pictures so I decided to share them!

This girl doesn't smile on command, sorry!

Taylee wanted to pick up just about every leaf she could.

It really was a beautiful fall day, this definatly is my favorite season.