Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Kindergartner Here!!

Taylee's feelings about starting school have been a little up and down. Mostly up all summer, she has said she was so excited, but then we went in for registration and she saw how big the school was and she started getting cold feet. We had lots of talks and I reassured her she would love it and when the first day came she was ready to go. Taylee takes a little while to warm up to new things, she always has, but she put on her bravest face and woke up that morning really happy and excited to go.
We documented lots cause daddy was out of town...

Backpack shot...

Catching the bus! She just had to ride the bus, and I wanted her to also so she could know the routine. So she hopped on and Emb and I got in the car to meet her at school.

She got a little confused getting off, she wasn't sure where to go exactly, but there were teachers everywhere helping. This teacher here and the principal are in our ward. Not only that, but all the bigger kids know Tay from Primary and they look out for her. They sit by her on the bus and help her know where to go, its awesome!

All kids and parents to the playground first! They are actually getting a brand new all access playground which sounds super nice.

Then they called everyone into the gym for a welcome assembly. Teachers came to round up all the kindergartners. This is Tay with her friend Evelyn from church. They are in the same class.

They called them up one by one, class by class to line up and go to their room. Glad kindergarten went first! By this point, she was fine, a little nervous I could tell, but ready to be on her own.

I snuck a peek in her room on my way out. Tay is way over at the red table. I waved to her one more time and then went home. Emberley napped most of the time and I cleaned up, got ready and then it was time to pick her up again. She said she had a great day and every day since then she has come home more and more excited and comfortable. Her teacher is named Mrs. Hill and she is only like 23. She seems like a good fit for Tay. It was crazy to be sending her to school, how can she be that old?! We miss her while she is away, but I'm glad I put her in, she needed something of her own to do with a new sister here and is learning lots already.

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